Payments Policy
Regarding our SEIZED inventory:

If you are interested in purchasing please get in touch with our Sales department by Live chat, email or telephone. 
Our sales department will present you with all details, vehicle documents, the Bill of Sale and Invoice (or Proforma), then proceed to initiating legal procedures required to release the vehicle from the Lessor. 

We are very careful with our bids, we only want 1 owner, clean title, accidents free vehicles and we have a chance to check them before we place our bids. As you'll browse our seized inventory, you'll see that all our seized vehicles have walk around videos in which we show them up close, revealing all ups and downs. Our specialized team is working towards choosing only the best vehicles offered on this market. 

In order to bring a seized vehicle in our showroom, we must first pay the Lessor the agreed price so the vehicle becomes a legally tradeable asset with a clean title. 
When choosing a seized vehicle, you are required to secure with us a minimum 20% of the vehicle's value, upfront. The procedure to bring the seized vehicle to our showroom takes 3 days. If you chose to pick it up. the remaining 80% must be paid before the vehicle leaves our showroom.

If you chose to have the vehicle delivered to your home (
free delivery for all vehicles over $2,000), you are required to secure with us the payment in full. By using the most efficient shipping solutions to date, we are able to offer free transport using our own fleet of trucks for items over $2000, and at unbeatable prices for items worth less than $2000.

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